Fake Text Generator (Copy and Paste)

Fake Text Generator (Copy and Paste) is a tool for making fake text messages. You can make fun text messages then send them to your friends.

Tools for making text and font styles are abundant. Besides having tools for common text messages, you can now try a tool for making fake text messages. It is called Fake Text Generator. You make use of this tool to create any text messages in a simple way.

You can show your creativity using this tool. It seems to be a fun way for you to play and mess with your friends. You will find it simple to make any text message image to your likings. The tool provides you with several unique features such as:

  • Custom text message bubbles, including Grey, Blue, and Green.
  • Various options such as Battery, Connection, and Settings.

The font style when you make fake text messages is the same as the font style when you type a text message on your phone. Hence, you will find it readable even though it is a fake text message.

Here are the suitable projects that this text generator tool can be consistent with:

  • Comment Text Message
  • iMessage on iPhone

Fake Text Generator brings you a fun and exciting method to create fake text messages.

Fake Text Generator

Customize Text

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